This new 0 gauge layout will be available for exhibition bookings from February 2018. It will be completed during the Autumn.


eu plan


The layout will be 0 gauge finescale and as with all our layouts will use Lenz DCC for control.

The size will be 20' long by 3' wide, but on a slight curve to make it more interesting. The shed

will be based on Argentan in the west of France and the period will be the mid 1950's.

Eu is a town just outside Le Treport on the north coast of France and was served by the Ouest and Nord regions.

street 3




The shed building will be based on the structure at Argentan.

street 4


We have begun collecting loco's and rolling stock. All the loco's will have sound and most also have smoke.

john's 141P


Further details will be posted as work on the layout proceeds during the Autumn.
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